Your Tribe Matters


Could the company surrounding you affect progress towards living a Healthy Buzz Life?


Yes, but there is a balance (of course). You can have those in your life that cheer you on to eat healthier and move more (and other wellness things), but also those that could care less if you are a wiz at cooking brussels sprouts and signed up for another 5k “fun” run.

Your people can and will affect your lifestyle. Research shows that our habits and even body composition can be affected by our communities. Individuals who have someone in their life that are working toward similar goals may be over 70% more likely to succeed than those that don’t (wowza). Knowing community support is crucial, here are a few strategies to keep you striving toward reaching your goals and aspirations.

Support Tip #1: Find An Adult Cheerleader

Ultimately, 70% is a huge advantage. You are going to want to share your ups and downs and have someone going through it right by your side (and keep you in check, this is my favorite thing to do with friends). Most things in life turn out better with a partner, and even better with a cheerleader to keep pushing you forward one new goal after the next.  

Support Tip #2: Remember That You Can’t Get a New Family

We all have different views on how we should be living, what we should be eating, how we spend our time and money, etc. As you embark on creating and changing your lifestyle behaviors, share them positively, invite others to join, but don’t put negative pressure on others to “be like me” and don’t let others do it to you. We are all doing what we think is best for us, and still loving and supporting our family and friends who do things differently is quite alright.

Support Tip #3: Stick to Your Purpose

Through the process, your purpose for seeking to accomplish your goals can become blurry, so plan for setbacks. We talked about finding your purpose here.

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