Leanne Ray

Leanne Ray is a Denver-based registered dietitian with a master’s degree in Food Science & Human Nutrition from Colorado State University.

Her professional experience ranges from personal training to clinical nutrition to employee wellness programming. Deep down she always knew entrepreneurship was the right path for her so she finally took the leap to start her own nutrition coaching and consulting business in the summer of 2018.

Leanne is a self-proclaimed super-fan of Bon Appetit magazine, Barre3, and Justin Timberlake. Her idea of a great Sunday includes a cooking marathon (while listening to music and drinking great coffee obvi) and cheering on the Denver Broncos.


Jessica Graham


Jessica works in the fitness biz, managing a diverse amount of programs through the University of Oregon, Physical Education and Recreation Department. Specifically, she supports the ‘for credit’ academic fitness classes, GroupX, Personal Training, Webfoot CrossFit and campus wellness initiatives. She has also accumulated a laundry list of certifications that allow her to move and support others to find joy in exercise.

Most days she would describe herself as an overly energized, positive fitness junkie with a gigantic, strong but soft heart. She loves people and food and moving outside.

She will never say no to spikeball, volleyball, softball, pickle ball, hiking, swimming, snowboarding or a margarita.

Our Story

We share the small details about “our story” in episode 1 of the podcast, but in case you didn’t have a chance to listen, here it is.

Our friendship goes all the way back to elementary school when we played basketball together, then started wearing matching outfits and getting the same haircuts (we were so cool). High school brought more sports, silliness, spring break trips with our families and all of the awkwardness and figuring out who you are that high school tends to offer.

After graduating, we spent four years living several hours away from each other and experiencing college on our own. Over Christmas break our senior year we got on the conversation of “now what?” We had both just recently ended relationships with our high school boyfriends (we swear we didn’t plan it this way!) and were craving a new adventure. More importantly, neither of us were particularly satisfied with our undergrad degrees and wanted to pursue more education to really find our dream careers. After researching schools, Jessica made the executive decision that we were going to move to Colorado and after much discussion (both with each other and our parents), we decided to go for it.

Our time in Colorado brought two of the best years of our lives. We made so many memories, discovered iced coffee, laughed uncontrollably almost every single day, skype’d with each other from our respective rooms, developed a passion for our careers and met lifelong friends (and for Leanne - a husband!). During this time we always joked that we would go into business someday but how exactly that would look, we didn’t know.

Jessica has since moved to Oregon (as noted above) but we don’t let distance get in the way of our crazy awesome friendship. The idea for this podcast came about as a way to share our unique perspective on health and wellness with anyone who is willing to hear us. We also want to share an inside look into the planning process of our life-changing in-person retreat that will take place in the Spring of 2019 in Colorado.

Our passion for food and movement has brought so much meaning to our lives and we feel unbelievably lucky to work together on this new venture. We are so glad you are following along with us!

Leanne & Jess